Minimum Essential Budget Standards

Raise Awareness of the Impact of Poverty in an Affluent Ireland

4povertyAs a result of working with people in disadvantaged communities, the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice is very aware of the struggle of people on low income to live with dignity. Since 2000 the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice has undertaken a number of studies to raise awareness of the daily reality of living on a low income.

The aim of these studies is to:

  1. Make available detailed information on the actual cost of a minimum essential standard of living for 6 household types
  2. Provide the foundations for a national database for minimum essential budget standards, which can be developed and modified for application to different family types.
  3. Lobby for a more adequate level of income for people in receipt of social welfare payments and the minimum wage.

Since 2000 the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice has undertaken the following studies:

The launch of each study was attended by politicians, civil servants, policy makers and members of N.G.O.s. Members of the Focus Groups were interviewed by T.V., RTE Radio and the printed media.

Weekly Budgets for Households 2012

The information sheets below were prepared as a resource for agencies and community groups for their work with ‘people on the ground’ e.g. as an aid to money management, the preparation of household budgets.

Weekly Budgets for Urban Households 2012

Weekly· Budgets for Rural Households 2012


A Minimum Income Standard Calculator - in 2012 a new website was launched

The Minimum Income Standard shows the income people need in order to afford the goods and services that members of the public have agreed are a minimum essential for everyone in Ireland to have. This is a minimum standard that people agree no one should live below.

This calculator allows you to see the minimum for your household type.

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  • In 2007 the V.P.S.J. was invited by EAPN to contribute to an EU project on minimum Social Standards
    Commissioned a study of Young Mothers – a study of young single mothers in two communities, 2000
    Facilitated two Active Citizenship Groups to produce the following
    • “Crumbs from the Celtic Tiger” 1998,
    • “The Cost of Keeping on Their Feet” 1999
    • “The Drug Problem in Ballyfermot” 2000 - The Cherry Orchard Active Citizenship Group

Road Safety and Wheelchair Access Advocacy Position Papers presented by the Killinarden Family Resource Centre Active Citizenship Group.