Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme

activecitizensgipSince 1996 the Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme has been facilitated with communities in disadvantaged areas. Many people in such areas are alienated from the democratic electoral system and do not participate in elections. As a result their voices are not heard by policy makers and lawmakers.

To Date:

  • The Active Citizenship/Vote Education Programme has been facilitated with approximately 800 community groups in 23 counties with very positive results.
  • Approximately 240 community leaders have been trained to facilitate the programme
  • A National Active Citizenship Network has been established.
  • Active Citizenship Groups have been established in 2 local areas. These groups are working for social and economic change in their own communities.
  • A website has been developed –
  • The following material has been produced and distributed:
    1. Active Citizenship /Voter Education Manual and Charts for workshops.
    2. Booklets: Material for continuing engagement - after the election – ‘Working for Change at Local Level’, ‘Your Community, Your Role- Working for the Public Good’ and ‘How We Are Governed’. ‘After the Elections’.
    3. Posters: Active Citizenship Posters – to encourage people to register, to vote – connect politics with every day life.
  • Three National Active Citizenship Network conferences were organised in preparation for elections – each attended by approximately 100 community leaders/workers from around the country.
  • Participated in 2 E.U. Partnerships consisting of 10 member countries.

Some Evaluations

“My vote is as good as anyone else’s, I count”

“This Programme taught us about people like Nelson Mandella. It showed me how I can walk tall. I can make a difference”

“I can now make connections and see that we are responsible for the kind of politicians we get”

“My issues will determine how I vote”

“This Programme has taught me how to stand up for myself” at times of the Local, E.U. and General Elections”.

“This Programme has shown me that I am the expert on my area and so I know who to vote for”

“In the past I did not bother to vote. From now on I won’t miss the chance to make my voice heard”

“I have had to struggle to get where I am. This Programme will have to struggle but it will get there”

“I never thought that the EU elections would mean anything to me. Now I have an idea of what it means to be an EU Citizen”

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