Strategic Action

To fulfill our Mission we will pursue a number of complementary strategies for action:

1. Promote a gospel way of being, thinking and working which will lead to critical consciousness and a commitment to the transformation of current values and policies.

2. Educate the members of the Vincentian Partnership on the nature and causes of poverty and social exclusion in Ireland and on alternative values and structures.

3. Heighten awareness of the suffering and rights of people who are suffering and rights of people who are socially and economically disadvantaged; keeping it ‘on our collective agenda’ and encouraging members to activate the Social Justice ideal. We will communicate the message that action on behalf of Justice and participation in the transformation of the world is a ‘constitutive dimension’ of being a Christian today and not an optional extra (Synod of Bishops 1971).

4. Provide Leadership on specific Justice issues, which require our urgent attention. By becoming actively involved in specific social and economic realities we will develop greater insights into, and skills regarding, Justice issues.

5. Support the existing work of the Vincentian Partnership. In order to support current efforts to facilitate social and economic change and to promote the exchange of experience, we will provide a forum for communicating local initiatives, efforts and projects. We will show that Justice can be ‘realised’ by all that share the Vincentian spirit.

6. Be attentive to the political agenda – seeking to influence this positively in favour of people who are disadvantaged. We will be aware of current policy initiatives and the ‘programme of legislation’ seeking to influence those areas which are obstacles to equality and inclusion.

7. Act as a point-of-contact for individual members of the Vincentian Partnership who wish to highlight specific Justice issues.

8. Network with others outside the Partnership who pursue a similar agenda.

9. Meet regularly with people who are experiencing the reality of poverty and exclusion and when appropriate work with them to bring about change.