Our Vision: A More Just Society

“I came that they may have life and have it to the full” John 10: 10

Recognising the dignity of the human person, made in the image of God, and Jesus' particular identification with people who are excluded by society, our vision is a more just society in which the rights, responsibilities and development of all people are promoted. The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice seeks to transform the structures, which give rise to inequality, poverty and exclusion.

Our Mission: Taking Concrete Steps Today.

Our Mission is:

  • To ensure that social justice becomes a pivotal element on the agenda of each of the constituent groups of the Vincentian Partnership.
  • To energise and harness the talent and commitment of our combined membership to seek social and economic change.
  • To promote structures, which respect human rights, facilitate human development and foster the responsibility of all to participate in creating a more just society.
  • To engage with people who are socially excluded and as a consequence suffer oppression and powerlessness
  • And to be open to an association with like minded groups who share the Vincentian ethos.