Core Values

1. Vincentian Spirituality:

Our founders, Frederick, Vincent and Louise encountered Christ in the people who were poor. The God revealed in that encounter was a God of compassionate love. Through their relationships with people who were oppressed because of poverty, Frederick, Louise and Vincent were transformed. That transformation led them to look at society from the perspective of people who are excluded, to their becoming more compassionate and caring and to a deep commitment to the elimination of poverty and suffering. In opening our hearts to people who are poor, it is our hope that we will be similarly transformed on a personal level and inspired to work for the transformation of society in their interest.

2. Dignity of the Human Individual:

We place a fundamental value on respect for the individual.

3. Solidarity with people in their plight:

Our attempt is to see society from the perspective of people who are excluded. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we will seek to work together to change structures which give rise to exclusion and oppression.

4. Empowerment:

We seek to help people to participate in the creation of a more just society and reach their individual potential.

5. Promoting Equality:

We support efforts to achieve equality at all levels between marginalised and non-marginalised groups in terms of access to and the distribution of economic, educational, social and cultural benefits.

6. Confrontation without aggression:

We will challenge the structures and underlying values, which give rise to the issues of injustice. Our approach will primarily be one of education and persuasion.

Our belief is that members from all sections in society can contribute to the Justice ideal.

7. Reflection:

For change to happen we appreciate the need for processes to help us reflect on, and learn from, experience.