About Us

The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice (VPSJ) was established in 1995 to work for social and economic change, tackling poverty and social exclusion.

The Partnership is comprised of four national organisations:

  • The Society of St Vincent de Paul
  • The Daughters of Charity
  • The Vincentian Congregation
  • The Congregation of the Holy Faith

In order to achieve its goals the VPSJ is engaged in four key activities:

  • Active Citizenship / Voter Education Programme
  • Researching the reality of poverty
  • Advocacy
  • Networking 

With a particular focus on the facilitation of Active Citizenship / Voter Education Programmes with communities in disadvantaged areas and the promotion of a Minimum Essential Standard of Living for all households.

The core values of the VPSJ:

Vincentian Spirituality • Dignity of the Individual • Solidarity with People in Poverty • Empowerment • Promotion of Equality • Confrontation without Aggression • Reflection