The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice

The ethos of the VPSJ, which is a faith based NGO, is rooted in:

  • The call of the Gospels “that all may have life and have it to the full” (John 10.10)
  • Belief in the dignity and potential of every human being
  • Commitment to working with people experiencing social and economic exclusion in order to bring about the change necessary for a more just and inclusive Ireland


To achieve its goal of working for social and economic change the VPSJ uses four main approaches:

Active Citizenship/Voter Education

The facilitation of the Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme which encourages people who have lost confidence in the democratic electoral system to recognise their vote as a voice for social and economic change. Read more »

Development of Minimum Essential Budget Standards

Engagement in research on the expenditure and income needed for a minimum essential standard of living of all; which produces facts and figures on the standard of living which members of the public have agreed is the minimum below which no one should be expected to live. Read more »


Networking with individuals and groups which share the values and goals of the VPSJ. Read more »


By providing data which reflects current social and economic reality and which is used by different organisations – Government, Statutory Agencies and NGOs in their work. Read more »

VPSJ illustration


 United Nations Theme for October 17, 2019


Fr. Joseph Wresinski, Founder of ATD Fourth World Movement: Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty.’

Latest News

The VPSJ has completed the following:

  • Focus Group Work for Households without Children
  • Fact Sheet on Poverty for distribution on October 17th
  • Presentation in Buswells Hotel, Dublin on Benchmarking
  • Participation in Meeting at Antwerp on EU Platform on Reference Budgets

The VPSJ at present is working on:

  • Pricing  Phase of the  Review/Rebase  of MESL Budgets  (2018-2019)  
  • Preparation for Budget 2020
  • September/October 2019 Issue of Just.Now


MESL Research

Budget 2020: MESL Impact Briefing

Issued: October 2019

Budget 2020 The VPSJ has prepared its annual budget impact briefing in response to Budget 2020. This briefing analyses the impact of the Budget in the context of the Minimum Essential Standards research, …

Read more


Just.Now June-July 2019: Wackaging

Issued: June 2019


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Important Dates

October 2019

1st     International Day of Older Persons

2nd   International Day of Non-Violence

5th    World Teachers Day

10th  World mental Health Day

16th  World Food Day

17th Eradication of Poverty day 

18th  European Day Against Human Trafficking